A member will be required to sign an agreement with Dubai Clear for clearing services. Dubai Clear members will be required to be approved by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) before applying for a Dubai Clear membership.


Types of Membership

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The following categories of membership are provided by Dubai Clear:

  1. Trading Clearing Members 
    Authorized to clear proprietary and Client trades executed by themselves as a Trading member of the Exchange.

  2. Trading Clearing Members Proprietary
    Authorized to clear proprietary executed by themselves as a Trading member of the Exchange.

  3. General Clearing Members
    Authorized to clear proprietary and Client trades executed by themselves as a Trading member of the Exchange or trades executed by any other Non-Clearing Trading member of the Exchange.

  4. Settlement Agents
    Authorized to settle Client trades on behalf of Clearing Members for DVP clients.

The requirements for each category of membership are set out below:

Membership Category

Minimum Collateral Requirement

Securities Market

Derivatives Market

Both Securities & Derivatives Market

Trading Clearing Member (TCM)

AED 10 million

AED 5 million

AED 15 million

Trading Clearing Member Proprietary Trading (TCMP)

AED 5 million

AED 2 million

AED 7 million

General Clearing Member (GCM)

AED 50 million

AED 10 million

AED 50 million

Settlement Agent (SA)

AED 50 million






New Clearing Member

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The following institutions may apply for Clearing Membership with Dubai Clear LLC:

  1. A Trading Member of a stock exchange clearing and settling trades for itself and/or its clients (Trading Clearing Member)

  2. A General Clearing Member (GCM) licensed by SCA to conduct the business activities of a general clearing member pursuant to The Authority’s Board of Directors’ Decision No. (36/R.M) of 2019 Concerning General Clearing Member Activity

SCA Regulations

The ‘Procedures for Registration of Trading Clearing Members, Clearing Members & Settlement Agent’ can be found under the Dubai Clear ‘Regulations, Policies and Procedures’ section.


Dubai Clear Members

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Trading Clearing Members


  1. ADCB Securities LLC
  2. ADIB Securities LLC
  3. Al Burooj Securities
  4. Al Dar Shares & Bonds
  5. Al Ramz Capital LLC
  6. AL Sahel Shares Center LLC
  7. Alansari Financial services co.
  8. Al-Wathbah for Shares and Bonds Center
  9. Arqaam Securities
  10. Awraq Islamic for Shares & Bonds
  11. BHM Capital Financial Services PSC
  12. CBD Financial Services
  13. Daman securities LLC
  14. Dubai Islamic Financial Services
  15. EFG-Hermes UAE LLC
  16. Emirates Islamic Financial Brokerage
  17. FAB Securities LLC
  18. Finance House Securities Company LLC 
  19. HSBC Middle East Securities
  20. International Securities LLC
  21. Mashreq Securities / MASQ
  22. Mena Corp Financial Services LLC
  23. Sharjah Islamic Financial Services
  24. SICO Financial Brokerage LLC
  25. World Investments PSC

Derivatives Members


  1.  Al Dar Shares & Bonds
  2. Al Ramz Capital LLC
  3.  Arqaam Securities 
  4. BHM Capital Financial Services PSC 
  6. Mena Corp Financial Services LLC
  7. International Securities LLC  
  8. SICO Financial Brokerage LLC 

General Clearing Members (GCM)

  1. Emirates NBD Bank

Trade Clearing Member Proprietary Trading (TCMP)


Settlement Agents (SA)

  1. Citibank N.A. UAE
  2. Deutsche Bank AG
  3. First Abu Dhabi Bank
  4. HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
  5. Standard Chartered Bank

Visit Dubai CSD for Depository Members
Visit DFM for Trading Members